Meet the team

Narayanganj Palliative Care Team

The Narayanganj Palliative Care team is building a compassionate community working towards UHC in Bangladesh. Palliative Care Assistants (PCAs) are community health workers on the front line of delivering essential palliative care services to the most vulnerable and marginalised in their community. The PCAs are young women, and one young man, recruited from the community and trained on core concepts of palliative care by doctors, nurses and other team members at the Centre for Palliative Care at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in Dhaka.

Palliative Care Assistant Saima Rahman Liza
Palliative Care Assistant Saima Rahman Liza
NPC_PCA_Lamiya Akter Tanni.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Lamiya Akter Tanni
NPC_PCA_Nadia Sultana.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Nadia Sultana
NPC_PCA_Bristy Dey.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Bristy Dey
NPC_PCA_Mehedul Hasan.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Mehedul Hasan
NPC_PCA_Arifa Akter.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Arifa Akter
NPC_Medical Consultant_Dr. Mastura Kashmeeri_resize
Medical Consultant Dr Mastura Kashmeeri
NPC_Reseach Assistant_Shafiquejjaman Saikot.resize
Research Assistant Shafiquejaman Saikot
NPC_PCA_Suriya Ahmed Chowdhury.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Suriya Ahmed Chowdhury
NPC_Project Manager_MD. Julhas Uddin.resize
Project Manager Md. Julhas Uddin
NPC_PCA_Mousomi Akter.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Mousumi Akter
Field Coordinator Md. Saiful Hoque
NPC_PCA_Nusrat Jahan Munia.resize
Palliative Care Assistant Nusrat Jahan Munia
NPC_Admin Assistant_Md. Anisur Rahman_resize
Admin Assistant Md. Anisur Rahman
NPC_Senior Staff Nurse_Arifa Anjum.resize
Senior Staff Nurse Arifa Anjum